The Restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L
Project Dairy SEPTEMBER 2005
September Front and back fiberglass moldings have been removed. No photo of rear due to restricted access. Plenty of work to be done at both ends! Evidence of previous front end collision damage has come to light although not too serious it will require a fair amount of fabrication and welding work to rectify it.
New metalwork in place
Entry step and frame work
September 17/18th  New bottom rails and a continuation of the nearside waist rail have been fitted today after replacing a small section of the rotten stress panel (forward of the rear wheel arch). I have also chopped out a larger rotten section of the stress panel right at the back of nearside.       
Renewed bottom rail
Rusted area of stress panel
September 24   I've had an easy day today! Just been doing little bits of jobs like fitting locks and foam edging on the nearside locker doors. I have also removed what's was left of the last nearside pillar! Very rotten indeed.  September 30/31 Today I have spent 7 hours making the rear nearside pillar and rails. So now the nearside of 172 is nearly finished ready for re-panelling.        
Offering up new near side pillar
Yelloway Diary OCTOBER 2005 Yelloway Diary OCTOBER 2005