Project Dairy SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2011
Yelloway Diary NOVEMBER  2011 Yelloway Diary NOVEMBER  2011
September & October         
After what has seemed like ages, CDK's engine rebuild began on Sat 24th September. An early start saw the return of the "Duracell Bunny" aka Pete and progress was somewhat swift to say the least. By lunch time both heads were back on, water inlet and outlets refitted, tappets set (cold) and air inlets refitted.
Air intake being refitted
New head gasket being fitted
Both cylinder heads back on and exhaust manifold
After lunch Pete's attention turned to refitting the pipe work from the air tanks to the blow off valve, so now all we have to do is refit our new throttle linkage, fill her up with oil and water and then go for a start up! Watch this space........................ Also during September, Steve went back to Paul and the lads at Trailways in Walsall to collect the re-skinned emergency door and the final off-side panels - what a splendid job they have done. Richard has continued with the repainting of the roof but with the cooling temperatures now occurring and the varying humidity levels it is likely that work on the repaint will now stop until the spring next year. Advice from the paint supplier stated that it is inadvisable to apply paint when there is a chance that water may be present on the surfaces being painted. Cold metal surfaces and warmer moist air = condensation. After all the effort put in so far we don't want to compromise the finished result by rushing.
Refitting blow off valve
Saturday 1st October
Big day today as it's BUS START UP!!!!
It is a really big THANK YOU to Pete from us both - we wouldn't have been able to do this without you!.
Pete having a well earned break
Saturday 8th October After last weekend's elation with CDK's newly rebuilt engine being started up, our attention has this weekend turned to hanging our recently re-skinned emergency door. After a few choice words and an hour with the hacksaw, the window aperture was cut out followed by the door lock & handle position being drilled through the skin. Some minor alterations are required at the base of the door to enable clearance of the step covers but other than that it fits a treat. As it was still unseasonably warm for the time of year the door was given its first coat of etch primer.   A quick visit to Deanfield Commercials over in Clitheroe this week saw us returning with the gaskets that were missing from the air intake manifold, a new and spare water pump flange and a new crankshaft oil seal. Yet again thanks to Charlie and Andrew for your help.       
Richard filing off metal burrs
Saturday 22nd October  Continuing on from last weekend's fun, the newly purchased crankshaft oil seal and water pump flange have now been re-fitted. Tentative enquires have been made to obtain a new fan drive shaft coupling, as the rubbers in the current one are perished and need replacing... Also obtained this week has been a brand new un-loader valve, thank you Ebay!  Other tasks completed include the removal of the air tank drain bolts which were a bugger to get out without damaging the tank (they were very seized). It was funny watching "sludge" drip from them, but now they too are cleaned out and new bolts with drain valves fitted. We have also made a start on refitting the pipe work for the saloon heaters... A weekend off for the end of Oct will see the team having a well earned rest.
Making water pump gasket
The Restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L