The Restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L
Project Dairy OCTOBER TO NOVEMBER 2013
Yelloway Diary MAY 2014 Yelloway Diary MAY 2014
October to November   Into the autumn and the list of outstanding tasks is slowly getting shorter. All the upper stainless steel trims have now been fitted – a relatively simple task on paper, just drill some holes and screw. Like most things with this project simple tasks are anything but. It has taken several sessions to get the trims located and fitted making up a full set from the originals and those replacement, undamaged sections we acquired some time ago. It’s a good job we did get some spare sections as the area where the mid-band meets the vertical of the rear window pillars required some serious fettling! Adding the bright-work around the front light panel aperture took a whole session too – offering up the individual pieces as a ‘dry run’ left us scratching our heads for a while but careful measurement and whole host of clamps resulted in smiles at the end of the day as another section came to life. Before the temperature dropped and the autumn dampness kicked in I managed a session of painting finally finishing the cream on the rear panel. The boot doors will have to wait until the spring now. With the paintwork completed in this area Steve de-wired the rear light units to enable the stainless ‘dishes’ to be fitted underneath – even after drawing a diagram of which wire went where he still managed to get them crossed! (tee – hee!)      
driver’s partition screen
While Steve and Pete crawled around underneath HVU, I spent a couple of hours carefully tracing the front and rear name glass lettering. Accurate artwork will now be drawn up prior to us employing the services of a local sign writer to apply the lettering to the inside face of the panels. The ‘Travel Yelloway’ lettering on the rear panel is actually gold leaf and as much as I would like to do this myself I think handing it over to a professional will probably be for the best! Thanks are again extended to Mark – promise we won’t hassle you any more!
front and rear name glass lettering
An initial sample of our new window rubber has been received but required some slight modification so we are awaiting a second sample before ‘ok’ing the production run. Finally, we had a great couple of hours showing off our work to a couple of enthusiastic visitors and were ‘shocked’ at the conclusion of the visit to be given sponsorship for the re- upholstering of our seats. A magnificent gesture and gratefully received – thank you again Mark & Alisa.
Early November saw us trot over to Manchester Museum of Transport to view their Yelloway and with the kind assistance of Mark (aka East Lancs Leopard) came away with the correct size body side logos, knowledge of how to re-instate the exhaust brake and a damaged but usable driver’s partition screen (see pic). We will still need to source some stainless steel tubing and create the missing lower panel.