The Restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L
Yelloway Diary NOVEMBER / DECEMBER  2009
Project Dairy OCTOBER 2009
Sat 3rd October. By the time you read this another Yelloway will have gone to the scrap yard in the sky. This being NNC 854P. But before that happened Mr Morris of Quantock Motor Services kindly allowed us to pay our last respects, so a 4-30am start saw us driving to Taunton kitted up ready to remove any useful bits and bobs that we might be able to use in CDK's restoration. Whilst at Taunton we were also able to purchase our brand new seat moquette and have a look at WDK 562T - splendid indeed to see it looking so well.
The photo below shows NNC after the vandals had smashed every window and its engine and gearbox had been removed for storage - its a shame that no one took the bus for restoration but having seen today how rotten all the framework was, it would have been a massive job to restore it. RIP old friend.
NNC 854P