The Restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L
Project Dairy OCTOBER 2007
Yelloway Diary DECEMBER 2007 Yelloway Diary DECEMBER 2007
It was time to bite the bullet this month and finally sort out cab-side wiring. This rats nest of wires has been sat on the floor for the best part of 3 years now and it's attending to has become a priority as it is preventing us from getting the rest of the offside panelling back on. After a number of hours spent tracing which wires went where (and a good number which didn't go anywhere) we reached a point where the old fuse board could be cut free. The old fused board is beyond repair so it will be packed off to Mr Sharpe for a 2007 equivalent to be created.
beyond repair
The original switches will be retained for authenticity.
A mechanical assessment has been carried out (many thanks to Billy for sparing us a couple of hours) and we now have an idea of what is required in this field. Following Billy's visit the front wheel hubs have been removed to reveal knackered front brakes - but this was to be expected. The problem of the sticking accelerator has also been cured. All the linkages were disassembled + cleaned/lubricated only us to find out the problem was nothing more than the pivot pin on the pedal needing oiling! As we suspected all 4 springs will need removing and renovating ( 1 rear one has a broken leaf) a tricky job considering we haven't got a pit, hmmm- well leave that job for a bit....