The Restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L
Project Dairy OCTOBER 2005
October 4 to 6th  I (Richard) finally organised some leave from work and arrived yesterday evening. Eager to press on for what will undoubtedly be my last working stint on 172 this year an early start was made this morning picking up where I left off the last time - underneath, in confined spaces removing loose rust, grime and of course the skin off my knuckles as usual! All cleaned up metalwork has been painted either with silver or black (under seal) with particular attention being paid to the boot framework and chassis behind the rear axle. October 7th Mob handed today - myself, Steve and later Andrew Sharpe putting in the hours. Distinct visual progress made today with (after adding foam to the relevant areas) the final fitting of several more body side panels (see photos). Steve finished off the rear near side corner pillar and rails (well done to him - what a complicated piece of woodwork that was!). Mid afternoon saw the arrival of Andrew Sharpe (Owner of several vehicles himself) to help us make a start on the myriad of wires which form the electrical system on 172. Enthusiasm is a wonderful thing - myself and and Andy continuing work long after the light had faded - finally giving up when the fluorescent tube light proved inadequate!.        
Corner pillar and new rear wiring loom
Bottom main panels and lockers refitted
Myriad of wires- where do I start with this lot?
October 8th   Carried on where we left off yesterday. Steve fitted the fuel filler flap before disappearing up the pub to watch the England game - Andrew leaving for a bus rally in Glasgow leaving me to finish up my working stint for this year and to tidy up! October 9th Day off today. After a leisurely morning we set off for the Manchester Museum of Transport tracing the former 77/78 route through Rawtenstall, Bacup to Rochdale for a look around what was 172's home - Weir St depot. After much reminiscing and pointing we continued on to the MMT to view YDK590. Which although still a superb vehicle - is showing some considerable damage to its paint work. Leaving the museum we were both suitably enthused and re-assured that the work we are doing and or aspirations for the future are sound!. Roll on next year when it is warm enough for this southerner to return to carry on 172's restoration. (Richard)        
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