The Restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L
Project Dairy MAY 2012
Yelloway Diary JUNE  2012 Yelloway Diary JUNE  2012
MAY 5/6/7th Another Bank holiday and another visit from "Sparks" saw CDK's rewire become almost complete. We now have 3 different warning buzzers for Oil, Air and Temperature along with working lights. New radio aerial & cages have been purchased and fitted - our "Brand new in 1973" radio and amp now look perfect fitted in the dash bulkhead. Also new tubing for the windscreen demisters was purchased last week.
Demister ducting
Look - we even have brand new coffins
Extra insulation for Spark's Feet!
Ally extrusion clamped showing 'Kink' in the middle
Final preparation has begun on the O/s badly shaped pillar which was really twisted. Having borrowed a length of extruded aluminium top hat section and subsequent clamping between the front & rear wheel arches it became obvious that "fettling" was required and 3 hours later the problem was solved. Once again we thank Steve's bosses at Intack depot for allowing us to borrow stuff to help in our quest of near perfection, cheers Bill!
May 20th/26th/27th   Yet another weekend was given to us by one Mr Sharpe, aka Sparky, and we can now say almost done as far as the electrics go ----------------------        
almost done
O/S/F frame work and panels
With that said it didn't take very long before Steve was finally refitting the O/S/F frame work and panels. With that done and the battery box panel now refitted we only have the front panels to re-fit. This following week will see Steve going back over to Preston to collect our brand new headlamps and then over to Manchester on Friday to collect the newly mixed top coat Yellow and Orange paint ahead of what will be a special weekend where 172 will be moving under her own power for the first time in nearly 8 years !