The Restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L
Project Dairy MAY 2010
Yelloway Diary JUNE 2010 Yelloway Diary JUNE 2010
MAY Sometimes it has been difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel but in the 7 weeks or so since the last diary entry the light has begun to shine a lot brighter! Much work has been undertaken on final preparation of the rear brake assemblies prior to re-fitment, these having been cluttering up Steve's various cupboards at work and home since they were removed last September. We can finally take all the relevant components back up to the workshop in anticipation of the football season finishing and the enthusiastic return of our mechanical magician Pete Johnson. The task of finding the last couple of components turned out to be a bit of a test, but thanks once again to Rick's persistence of trawling the internet we now have everything we need. Rather fortuitously we were offered some spare spring-leaves which we have made use of in assembling a decent spring for the offside rear. Steve spent several hours separating the two old springs and cleaning up the leaves, the least worn ones being selected for re-use. With the arrival of some spring-hanger bushes, the rear axle, springs and running gear are now ready for refit. As with the front end, all the running gear for the back of CDK is either brand new or totally refurbished.
One set of refurbished / new rear brake components
While the rear axle has been out of the way all the chassis in that area has been thoroughly cleaned, degreased and painted although this is yet another area that no one is ever likely to see!