Project Dairy MAY 2008
The Restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L
Yelloway Diary AUGUST 2008
MAY While Stephen has been battling with persistent illness, progress has not been as fast as we would like. Nevertheless work continues. I’ve overcome my ‘fear’ of power tools and pressed on with completing the remaining woodwork for the backend.
Little 'off ' here
After gathering dust for what seems like an eternity the replacement boot door framework has been cut, shaped and fitted with the outer skins of the doors being sanded back ready for a coat of primer. The curved window pan woodwork has also been made and fitted.
After a trip to the timber merchants for yet more Ash, all the woodwork for the boot area framework has been cut and shaped using what was left of the originals as a pattern. Stephen has repaired the badly corroded boot sill support rail and a new piece of ‘Z’ section steel has been purchased which forms the lateral support for the boot floor.
welding z rail into position
With all the components assembled ready for fitting an early morning start was made with the goal of having the main framework at the rear end in place by teatime. Using the many reference photos taken at the time of dismantling (and a good deal of logical thinking!) we set to and by late afternoon were satisfied with a good days’ work as all the new parts had been installed.
Z Rail and other metal supports in position
Does it fit? Almost!
This will be followed by final preparation of the steel framework behind the rear axle which supports the boot wall, the fitting of the side boot wall panels, boot floor support rails and remaining outer skin panels - all of which have been previously made and stored away pending fitting. Once these jobs have been undertaken the new rear seat box can finally be fixed into place along with the back ‘shelf’. The rear fibre-glass moulding requires some final repairs and sanding then this too can be fitted along with the boot doors. Stephen has repaired the replacement front grill panel retrieved from Suffolk – this will probably be one of the last items to be refitted once CDK has been repainted. Overall a decent step forward after many months of staring at the big void out t’ back!.
May 24 & 25th
Carrying on where we left off last week all our efforts at the moment are centered on completing the rebuild of the rear end. First job was to weld in the 3 rails which support the boot floor.
While the paint was drying the final fitting of the new rear set box was undertaken. A previous test fitting confirmed a perfect fit and it didn’t take long before another section of the great void had been filled in. With the box in place the rear shelf was next to go in followed by the batten which supports the seat back.
Once this was done attention turned to the preparation of the rest of the metal boot framework ready for a good coat of rust proofing primer. After an hour or so of work with wire brushes, chipping hammer and mop disk in the grinder the satisfying task of painting began. Before finishing on Sunday the paintbrushes were out again – the primed metalwork receiving a top coat of resin based sealing paint. Next weekend should see the fitting of the replacement boot walls and, after offering the rear moulding up yet again, we will be able to mark where the boot door hinges need to go. It will be very satisfying to see the boot doors back in place and final confirmation that all that new wood and metalwork has gone back in the right place – quite an achievement considering how decayed the original was. Aren’t jigsaws great!