The Restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L
Project Dairy MARCH 2016
Yelloway Diary JULY 2017 Yelloway Diary JULY 2017
March 2016 This winter has seen a welcome break from restoration work - something we haven't had for 11 years! Other than regular security visits it wasn't until late February that any working visits have been made to the work shop. After charging the batteries CDK was started (first time of course!) and left to tick over for an hour with no problems. We are reluctant to take the coach out on a run though until the roads are free from salt, no point ruining our paintwork! We will need to go for a proving run soon as an MOT is required in April prior to the start of the rally season. This year we hope to take CDK out to a few events and those in the diary at this stage are Llandudno Sunday 01 May, Trans Lancs at Heaton Park early in September and Show Bus in late September. There will no doubt be a couple of others too but as work also needs to start on WEB we can't be 'playing out' every weekend ! One of the outstanding jobs on the list to completed CDK was to have the steering wheel refurbished as the coating had worn away leaving just bare steel. Not a cheap undertaking but it really does add the 'as close to original' condition we are aiming to achieve. The pressed aluminium AEC centre cap that we had was very battered but several hours of careful restoration work by Richard has seen it returned to a presentable condition. A brand new one was seen to sell on ebay over the winter for £100+!