The Restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L
Project Dairy MARCH 2007
Yelloway Diary APRIL 2007 Yelloway Diary APRIL 2007
March Having been in destructive mode at the end of FEB, Steve decided that having got that out of his system it was time to "Crack On" with a more constructive frame of mind! The rotten stress panel section behind the emergency exit has now been replaced with new steel as has the inner steel over the front wheel arch box.
March 17th. Hurrah! Were having a weekend off, we've both had a "hell fire" busy weeks at work so its chill-out day! Well almost...we went over to Heywood Model Railway's Club show at the civic hall in Heywood where the new Yelloway, A15 YEL was "Christened" in the traditional style, even thou they dented the wheel trim!!
Near the emergency exit lies a small rotten bit of floor, and because were doing this properly, new flooring must be fitted.... step forward Mr Grinder! After many sparks and plenty of smoke you can see just how big the bloody floor panel is ... Thanks Plaxtons.
welding in the new panel