The Restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L
Project Dairy JUNE 2012
Yelloway Diary JULY / AUGUST 2012 Yelloway Diary JULY / AUGUST 2012
Today was an historic occasion in the Diary of CDK172L's restoration as she was being moved under her own power for the first time in eight years - a day we have been eagerly awaiting. The move is necessary so that we can clean the floor area and make enough room around her so that the painting can commence! With Steve at the wheel, the start button was depressed and she burst into life first time with that wonderful AEC sound. With a full lock on she was then carefully manoeuvred out of the shed to allow the posse of helpers to begin the removal of all of the debris, dust, rust and oil spillage that has accumulated over the years.
The cleaning team (Caz, John, Martin and Dad in his green welly boots and bright yellow high waist 1970's oil skin water proof leggings) set to work with dad's trusty jet washer. With the aid of some washing up liquid to help dissolve the accumulated oil, two hours later the floor area was thoroughly cleaned up. Hearty thanks to our helpers. With no vehicle occupying the end bay at the moment we will have plenty of space to move around our coach to carry out the painting.
Well done the CLEANING TEAM.
While the cleaning was in progress Pete, our mechanic, was re-configuring the pipe system for the bus's internal heaters, ably assisted by Steve. After much flushing, draining and topping up of the water system followed by some head scratching as to why the water was not circulating properly, it dawned upon us that a certain stop tap needed to be turned on! DOH! The heaters are now working perfectly. Well done the tech team. Once again thanks to Pete for his assistance.
Click for a short clip of CDK on the move - with Steve's swearing suitably edited out!!
After a masterful bit of driving by Steve without the aid of wing mirrors or being able to see through the bus for aim points, CDK was moved back into a position so that two 'A frame' ladders and a walkway could be positioned to allow greater access to the roof and upper bodywork for the for final preparations before the tricky task of painting could begin. Thanks to Steve Holmes for the loan of these.
'A frame' ladders and walkway in position allowing much easier access
The boy's hard at it, prepping of the roof vent apertures and final flatting back of the undercoat on the roof
Full lock on - ready to move!