The Restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L
Project Dairy JUNE 2006
Yelloway Diary JULY 2006 Yelloway Diary JULY 2006
JUNE For my 6th visit this year so far I have been on my own as Stephen had other commitments to attend to. Nevertheless 3 full days were spent at Knuzden making use of a glorious weekend. A start has been made on the interior of CDK - an area which until now has largely been ignored other than to dismantle it! Andy kindly wired up the nearside luggage rack lights on his last visit (amongst other things) only for us to realise when we came to screwing them in that they were ' handed' i.e.. left handed/right handed and had to be re-fitted in the exact aperture from where they came from. Errr... Andy can you bring your wire cutters with you again! It is my intention to restore the interior of CDK to the same standard as the exterior. The vast majority of  "Preserved" buses I have seen so far have had little or no attention paid to the interior - this is where CDK will differ I hope. Much of this weekend has been spent with a sponge and scrubbing brush in hand attempting to remove years of accumulated grime that has built up. The ceiling panels are actually white not a smoky yellow -grey! All fittings will be systematically removed cleaned/polished and re-fitted. Luckily CDK was acquired in a relatively complete state if but a little tired. During the weekend I also cleaned a trial area of the floor - and was encouraged to find that it cleans up very well - the centre isle will, however, require the floor covering to be replaced completely which will be a tricky job as it means removing the channel which the seats legs fit into. Another testing task will be the sourcing and fitting of the fabric which covers such areas as the corner pillars and above both the entrance and emergency exit doors - I'll cross that bridge a little later me thinks! The baton will now be passed back to Stephen for a while as job pressures will preclude me from any working visits for some time - which is very annoying as I will miss the favourable weather/temperature window so vital for progress on our project. Bugger! B! B! Friday 17th to Sunday 21st June  Well its now mid June and I really thought that I was turning a corner, what with the amount of parts refitted to CDK..... that was until this weekend. With difficulty in finding some motivation I decided to do jobs that don't require much thinking.... step forward my trusty hammer and grinder! The rotten section of stress panel has now been "chopped" out and new cut ready for refitting as well as a small piece of rotten bulkhead inside the destination box.
With the cab seat unit now removed along with the header tank for the cooling system, access has now been gained to yet another rotten inner panel. That being under the the cab window where the master switch and starter button once were situated!!. The floor area around the emergency exit is now in hundreds of little "flaky"'s a good job I'm good at woodwork.
"Why are we doing this restoration in such detail?" you may ask. Probably because we don't want to have to go through all this again in another 5 years or so... if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing it well as our dad taught us.