The Restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L
Project Dairy JULY / AUGUST 2012
Yelloway Diary SEPTEMBER  2012 Yelloway Diary SEPTEMBER  2012
JULY 14/16th Now from this point forward we will not be posting any further photo's of CDK's restoration until she is finally finished. As you can see from Junes' entry CDK's paint prep is now complete, so the application of the top coat has begun... Rick has taken it upon himself to do the paint job and as of 16th July nearly half of the coach is now YELLOW (It looks fantastic) and remember that its exactly 8 years today since we purchased her. Steve and Dad have been really busy cleaning, well just about everything! in readiness of the final refit. We just need to find some headlamps and that's almost everything we need.  Watch this space .................. August 4th Rick is still very busy applying the first coat of yellow paint to the remainder of the roof and the near side of CDK. By the way Happy Birthday RIck for TODAY 5th August. In the meanwhile Steve ably assisted by Dad have begun the un-enviable task of striping down the seats  by removing the old covers to reveal the cracked and partly destroyed crumbled foam pads. What a mess.... as each of these cracked seat pads will have to be stabilised and the crumble areas rebuilt by using strips of upholstery grade foam. Spray adhesive has been used and a new cotton twill covering has been applied and stapled down to form a new neat surface ready for the next stage, which will be to send them away in small batches to be recovered with our new original moquette material  and ox blood vinyl panels and piping  etc. Steve has also totally renewed the plywood bases and foam pads for the seat back head bumper stops. The new foam pads will have to be hand carved around the edges to obtain the correct original bevelling ready for recovering with new vinyl, at the trimmers.  Which one of us will get this task, will have to have lots of patients to get it it right the first time and every time.