The Restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L
Project Dairy JULY 2010
Yelloway Diary AUGUST 2010 Yelloway Diary AUGUST 2010
JULY 10th Having been to Preston this morning to get a replacement wheel rim, a later than usual arrival at the farm means only 5 hours stint was achieved. Rick has been spending many hours cleaning, repairing and refitting all the trims which fit around the sky lights and as usual extreme attention to detail makes a fantastic result - nice one Mr! 
JULY 21st Having taken a week off work for my birthday a 4 day stint has proved very productive:- with Andy arriving on the Wednesday, a major effort began to continue the rewiring of CDK. With all the wiring previously traced, checked and replaced where required as far as under the cab, our first task was to strip down, clean and test all the switches which operate all the interior lights, heaters and rack blowers. With this job completed, installation began, not without the odd hiccup! and by Saturday evening everything was up and running!
Let there be light
Between assisting Andy, Steve was able to prep the inners of the rear wheels ready for refitting this Saturday. Watch this space.........
repainted wheel rims
JULY 31st. Intentions today were to finish the rear running gear and put the wheels back on .... and by 3 o'clock this job was completed.
rear running gear
With that job finished Petes attention then turned to the fuel system, Steve fitted a new sedimentor but couldn't understand why the old one was missing, and after a bit of detective work and "yanking" on the pipes that are strewn around the engine bay, we discovered that CDK's had its fuel system "simplified", this will be put back to original next weekend. OH and the bus will be back on the ground!
new sedimentor
refit of shiny bright roof trims