The Restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L
Yelloway Diary AUGUST 2009
Project Dairy JULY 2009
Early July – The missing nearside air pipe has been reinstated after purchasing the correct material – this requiring bending to shape to fit around the top of the shock absorber. Steve & Pete have now completed the rebuild of the front running gear and for the first time since 2005 CDK now sits on it’s wheels. This, however, was only temporary as she was again put up on blocks to allow the new radiator to be offered into position. Once under the chassis and lifted into place, measurements were taken for the replacement mounting brackets to enable the radiator to be bolted into position. Before the end of the session Steve had duly manufactured these ready for final fixing on our next working visit. Once the water system has been flushed out, all the hoses will be clipped up and CDK will be started up. Again we would like to thank Pete for his invaluable assistance – he made it all look so easy!his won’t be as expensive as the work carried out at the front end.
New hub seal to N/s hub
O/s King pin shims being fitted
New radiator  in place
Front wheel back on
Meanwhile, at the back end, I have been tinkering with the boot doors trying to get them to fit the aperture with nice, even spacing all around. After some head scratching and trying different permutations of packers behind the hinge plates a satisfactory result has been achieved. Now I can complete the final rebuilding of the doors themselves – the nner galvanised sheeting has been rubbed back and primed and will be attached after final adjustments have been made to the door lock area & retaining straps. The last job will be to fibreglass over the fixing screws on the exterior skins and apply primer. Two more components refitted after being removed very early on in the restoration! Our next big task will be to turn our attention to the rear running gear. Both rear springs need removing for refurbishment along with the brake assemblies. Hopefully this won’t be as expensive as the work carried out at the front end.