The Restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L
Project Dairy July 2005
Saturday 2nd July 05 I even managed to have a weekend away to celebrate my birthday and go and visit Fred for A Special Reunion. This has been a very special day indeed. Today I took John Whitworth with me on a little trip down Memory Lane - the Yelloway 77/78 route was one on which John worked on a regular basis and there is a dame good chance that he drove us to our Grandparents on one of our regular trips to HAVERHILL.As the picture below shows, there was a special surprise at the end of a 3½ hour journey, on the right is a dear family friend, he's Mr Fred "Smudger" Smith a former Premier travel driver whom neither had seen since the sad demise of Yelloway some 17 years ago.........         
I hope they enjoyed the reunion. July 25th to 30th. Anyway .... metal framework and chassis have been the main focus of our attentions throughout a very hectic week (25th to 30th July) between us, we've removed something like 6 kg of rust, grime and in Richards case more skin from his knuckles!
John & Fred
Chipping hammer at work on the chassis
Cleaning up the fuel tank
Panel refit was a bonus for us too as with several nearside panels now permanently refitted and ready for repainting in 18 months time we hope?
Panels clamped in position ready for pinning
Yelloway Diary AUGUST 2005 Yelloway Diary AUGUST 2005