The Restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L
Project Dairy JANUARY 2009
Boot/Radiator/Springs The rear end moulding finally gets refitted after 3 years moving it from place to place inside the shed - and the boot doors fit too!
Boot doors in place
The new radiator and repaired cowling have now been fitted back together and the fan mounting has been overhauled ready for refitting. Not bad considering how rotten it all was when Steve took it off.  
26th Jan 2009 New front springs ordered @ £700 a pair, ker-ching and ouch!
30th Jan 2009  An early start on this bitterly cold day - our intention was to remove the front axle and springs. Ably assisted by Pete Johnson we set too on what is essentially our first major mechanical job undertaken on this project. With the replacement leaf springs on order from Rossendale Road Springs (see links) we thought it would be a good idea to remove the old ones sooner rather than later!         
First job was to get the bus up onto stands to give us enough space to drop the axle before the springs could come off.
jacking up the bus
removing brake assemblies
To make the axle beam lighter and easier to manoeuvre both brake assembles were removed from the stub axles, followed by the removal of the axle beam itself.
dissembling the axle
With axle beam out of the way both springs were easily accessible. After some gentle persuasion the shackle pins were removed and the springs came free.
Stub axle + brake chambers
Brake assemblies + shackle pins
Stripped down Axle beam + King pins
Quite a lot achieved in 5 hours before we had to go home and defrost!
Project Dairy
Yelloway Diary FEBRUARY 2009