(Great job done Bro!)
By the end of the month new shock absorbers have been sourced and purchased and arrangements have been made for Rossendale Road Springs to replace both of our knackered front springs.We have also begun to refit the Off side engine access panels- thou some further fettling is still required.
The Restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L
Project Dairy JANUARY 2008
Yelloway Diary FEBRUARY 2008
MID JANUARY With Steven now making a good recovery from quite a nasty illness, a new season begins with huge levels of enthusiasm, some money and lots of T Bags! By mid Jan, Rick had removed the dashboard area ready to repair the black plastic dash "Former". He also spent vast amounts of time carefully fitting new framework onto the inside of the nearside boot door.
Steve meanwhile started more heavy weight projects - both front hubs have now been removed ready for refurbish and to give greater access to the front springs - pre-removal lubrication has been carried out on all fixings for the front radiator - lovely job, lying on your back with a freezing cold wind blowing under the shed doors!