The Restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L
Project Dairy FEBRUARY 2011
Yelloway Diary APRIL 2011 Yelloway Diary APRIL 2011
February  11th         
After a bitterly cold winter it was time to bite the bullet and go and see what 'Jack Frost' had done to CDK.... as back in November we were busy connecting mechanical bits and bobs back together to allow us to so some engine running checks, this was all running superbly and confidence was high. We were at the 2nd radiator flushing stage by the 2nd week in November but hadn't put in any antifreeze, then November 16th arrived and out of the blue came a very sudden -11°c and you just know were this is going.... .
Many frantic afternoons were spent laid on my back in sub zero temperatures trying in vain, as it turned out - to avoid disaster, having disconnected every water hose. It was very evident early on that things weren't good. No antifreeze means frozen water, frozen water expands, seals and gaskets give way and expense will follow! How much will be anyone's guess?
Thankfully the radiator is fine, the engine block isn't cracked but a now expensive engine rebuild will follow due to CDK's head-gaskets failing...That's life, we learn by our mistakes and in our usual state of mind, it's nowt we can't sort out! Later in the week we will again travel to the Midlands and return with our off side locker panels cut, rolled and folded ready for refit... watch this space.
THURSDAY17th Brilliant trip today down to Bloxwich in the West Midlands to visit the A-Team at Trailways Limited who have assisted us in the folding and rolling of the two required off side engine bay locker panels and also the boot valance panels for both sides of the bus. Well done Paul.
New locker panels
New boot valance panels