Project Dairy FEBRUARY 2008
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The Restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L
Yelloway Diary MARCH 2008
Making the most of some mild weather for the time of the year  so we've plodded on with the restoration.
Following removal of the radiator, fan and fan cowling access is now available to parts of the chassis previously only accessible by contortionists or midgets! Years of accumulated dirt, oil & grime has been scooped, scrapped or blown from parts of the chassis in this area.
The fan blades have been shot blasted and repainted. The fan cowling, once wire brushed to remove the flaky rust was found to be in reasonable condition. Some repairs will be necessary before refitting. Planning ahead, Richard made an inventory of all the external stainless steel trims before we made a trip to East Anglia to a supplier of recovered / reconditioned parts. A long drive from Lancashire to Suffolk proved fruitful and we now have an almost complete set of undamaged trims - we just need to find a rear bumper. We also returned with a full set of new entrance door rubbers and replacement for our damaged front grill. Many thanks are extended to Mr Fosker for his assistance. One final and tricky job carried out this month has been to temporarily refit some body side windows prior to a front end lift to facilitate the removal of the front leaf springs. This is purely precautionary to maintain structural integrity during the jacking process. The front springs require replacement - the rear springs require refurbishment.