The Restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L
Project Dairy FEBRUARY 2007
Yelloway Diary MARCH 2007 Yelloway Diary MARCH 2007
After a prolonged period of inactivity due partly to work commitments but also the chilly winter weather, we have once again begun another season of bus restoration madness! A quick ‘dry run’ has been made to see if the dimensions are correct – some fettling is required before final fitment. Also, the supporting framework will need to be re-treated with a sealing paint before this area of the ‘new’ boot can be reinstated.
Temporary fit of back boot panel
The last few weekends have seen the removal of the sky-light units in preparation for when CDK goes for repaint (some time off yet!) The mechanisms have been split from the frames, disassembled, degreased, cleaned, polished and put back together. The frames themselves have been stripped of the red paint on the outer edges, thoroughly washed (including the rubbers) and prepared for the insides to be painted – sounds like a simple job but has, in fact, taken ages. Stephen has been busy assessing the boot area. Some time ago we purchased the galvanised sheet for the boot walls which we had folded up to roughly the correct shape. As Stephen had been in construction mode for too long he felt like ripping things out for a change! The section below the rear 5 way seat has been stripped out as it was rotten in several places so there is currently quite a void at the back end. Doing this has given much better access to the rest of the rear framework – most of which is completely trashed and in need of careful replacement. Much new metalwork is required along with some very tricky shaped woodwork, all of which must be carefully measured and cut if we are to get a square back end! Finally, the interior floor heaters have been taken out and checked to see if the fans are operational (they are) and a huge amount of black dust was cleared out in the process. The casings will now be sanded and painted ready for re-fitting to the underside of the seats (when we get some!). We’re getting there – slowly! We have also been to meet Clive and Mark at Courtesy Coaches and had a very enjoyable chat with them, even having a sneak preview of their freshly painted coach before it received its Yelloway vinals. Once again the Yelloway name will be seen around the country on a daily basis and we both wish them every success with this venture.
Cleaning of frames for skylights