The Restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L
Project Dairy AUGUST 2010
Yelloway Diary SEPTEMBER 2010 Yelloway Diary SEPTEMBER 2010
AUGUST 8th What a significant day! with the diff filled with oil, radiator flush and water put into the header tank, new fuel pipes reconnected via the sedimentor , fuel pump cleaned out, oh and the small matter of putting CDK back onto the ground, after 4 years of being mechanically "In Limbo". CDK 172L was started up, safely and without much fuss (apart from the starter being stuck).
SATURDAY 14TH OK! So now CDK is back on the ground, finally Steve can start to refit some more bits of the body. Its been quite a long time and someway frustrating not being able to do any bodywork jobs, this of course was due to the fact that the bus was "Jacked up", but now she is back on "Terra Firma" I can get on with things. First job today is to refit the entrance door and after a bit of head scratching ( I removed it 5 years ago) a very satisfactory result was achieved.
A job well done
SATURDAY 21st Following on from last week, the team began the day by finally getting the entrance door lock striker plates into the correct position on the front pillar. After a bucket of tea CDK was once again started up and after lots of poking and prodding, several things were noticeable:- the fantastic look in Rick eyes, as he hadn't been here for the previous start up, secondly, no water leaks Hurrah! and oh bugger she won't build up her air properly! So after a bite of lunch and another bucket of tea, Pete set to in removing the unloader valve, pressure regulator valve and the compressor valve in readiness of their overhaul and refit. Steve dropped the water from the engine, ready for another "Glug" of radiator flush and by the end of the day the engine was drained of its oil.
SATURDAY 28th OK, so today we were Barnsley bound, seats are on the agenda and tranny vans now have 6 gears! and after several, restricted. mucky and in Steve's case very sweaty hours, 45 seats and a set of legs were lugged back to the correct side of the Pennies! Another mission accomplished.
Eh eke these will do the job.