The Restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L
Project Dairy APRIL 2006
Yelloway Diary JUNE 2006 Yelloway Diary JUNE 2006
Saturday April 1st. Ah ah! so the fools return again to continue this madness of bus restoration...........  A trial fitting was made of the front panel just to check clearances following the installation of the wood and metal work on the front end. We now just have to complete the re-wiring to the dashboard, heaters and radio/amp .....
- step forward Mr Sharpe.
Meanwhile Richard continued with invaluable work cleaning, labeling and refitting of some of the parts which were renovated over the Christmas period.
Luggage rack and light units ready for refitting
APRIL 27 Start of a busy few days - while there is no vehicle parked in the bay beside CDK we have commenced work on the offside woodwork. Much of Thursday was spent removing the battery box and frame work which in itself gave access to other parts of the chassis previously hidden.
removing the battery box and frame work
rotten timbers removed and new replaced
Much progress has been made in a few days with most of the rotten timbers removed and a number of new pieces cut and replaced. In fact so much progress was made that we ran out of wood!. Evident on this side of the bus were several rotten T-shaped gusset plates on the out-riggers. These will need fabricating and fitting before the battery box can be reinstated. The replacement of the framework is relatively straight forward on this side until we get to the section forward of the front wheel and below the drivers window. There is clear evidence of front offside collision damage which had been bodge repaired at some point.
Also not immediately evident is that the floor under the drivers' seat will need replacing due to rot. This corner of the bus will probably take as long to do as the whole of the near side!
rotten framework