The restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L

Project Dairy March 2012

March          We know its been a while since we last updated the site, but be assured, CDK is still getting closer to M.O.T. Day.

We managed to find the Leyrub coupling that we needed, which was swiftly re-fitted

Re-fitted New Leyrub coupling

Also now completed is the Off side Rear panelling and measuring up has begun for the eventual refit of all bright-work.

Rick test sighting of bright-work

Off Side Rear new panels

Other jobs "ON WITH" as we say up here in Lancs. are:--

New headlights & fog lamps, being sourced, drivers partition found but not yet viewed, water pipes & cladding purchased for saloon heaters.

As with most things theses days, money is always tight but we are determined to complete this project this year, or Steve might go MAD!

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