The restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L

Project Dairy March 2009

 March          With our new springs not arriving until 22nd March attention once again returned to the job of installing the new wiring loom junction box under the driver's cab floor .M r Sharpe, who had already spent many hours sorting, tracing and reinstalling the wiring, decided halfway through that a junction box would be much more useful (& practical), rather than having wiring all over the place. So Steve quickly fabricated one out of sheet steel and consequently Mr Sharpe now has a water tight box to install all the wiring.

A man can multi task! Look sitting down and drinking tea at the same time........

New floor traps are now being cut as the originals were a little past their best and once we have found some suitable floor covering, they will be reassembled with new locks and soundproofing where appropriate.

old rotten floor trap


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