The restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L

Project Dairy July 2004

Friday July 16th           Its Steve's 31st Birthday today - I pick up Richard (who's been travelling up country from Torquay since 6am) at Manchester Piccadilly Rail Station and head off to Carrington - wads of cash stuffed in our pockets!

When Richard first sees 172, he just stood staring with his mouth open and a rather amusing "It's a Yelloway" stare in his eyes, I wouldn't have missed that look for all the tea in China! 172 was again started up for Richard's benefit and the sale was agreed - 172 was now OURS!

'The proud 'New Owners'

Sunday July 18th          Moving Day! Pete took us to Carrington to collect 172- and I will openly admit that my nerves were getting the better of me! Destinations were set to "Yelloway" and "Clacton-on-Sea" in memory of our Grandparents.

Moving Day- This is us leaving Carrington

----- and 172 arriving at her New Home

Monday 19th July          Strip down begins - 1st job was to remove a nearside window and take out all the seats.

Interior before removal

 1st Blood drawn - Richard forgot that metal is sharp!

All seats removed

Tuesday 20th July     It's amazing how many screws we had to remove to take off all of the chrome trims - I was ready for a bath at the end of the day.

Time for a Bath!

Thursday 29th July          We have had a very busy day today- I've taken out all remaining nearside windows to reveal two quite rotten window pillars, then it was time to very carefully remove all the nearside body panels to reveal- Yep you've guessed it, tons of rotten ash frame work- nearly all the pillars need replacing either in part or in their entirety and horizontal rails need replacing from the waste rail down - aargh!


Parked inside the newly finished shed. 

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