The restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L

Project Dairy April 2007

April 7/8/9          With the glorious Easter weather upon us CDK 172 takes another step closer to the "Paint shop"! With 4 days off work and loads of enthusiasm, early starts were made to maximise daylight hours.

On Friday Rick took Mum and Dad on a day trip (on the "New" Yelloway, A15 YEL) over to Blackpool and Fleetwood whilst Steve went up the shed to begin the off side front woodwork.....



By Saturday afternoon, after 10 hours of work, the new window pillar had been cut and shaped and subsequently fitted......


new window pillar

Steve repairing underneath cab framework

By Sunday afternoon the framework underneath the cab window had been completed (Well done fella - Rick).

Rick meanwhile was busy finishing off the skylights and refitting the main saloon lights. As is customary, several hours were also spent underneath with wire brush, chipping hammer and tin of red oxide primer!

Mum and Dads Blackpool Trip:-          9-30 am Friday 6th April ......What a glorious sight to see a New Yelloway Motor Services Coach back on the road.  Our  memories of the old Yelloways service came flooding back as A15 YEL arrived in the bright morning sunlight in front of Rochdale Town hall on its First fare paying passenger trip to Blackpool and the Flyde coast.


A15 YEL arriving at Rochdale

Photo outside old booking office in Weir street

Arrival at Fleetwood


The updated sun rise logo was displayed with pride along side the Courtesy coach familiar crescents. We could not leave Rochdale without going down memory lane as we drove past Weir Street and the pulled up outside of the old booking office for a photo shoot. We travelled on via Shaw and Oldham, then towards Preston and via the old route into Blackpool, passing the Black and white Windmill then along the prom towards the tower, heading for Central Blackpool Bus station. Many heads turned and fingers pointing towards the bus along the way. Hey did you see that it's a YELLOWAY was the cry. We dropped off passengers in Blackpool central and then went on through Bispham, Cleveley's then in to Fleetwood. Pulled into the coach park at midday next to a Courtesy Coach.

Return trip back at 5 o'clock. Well done Courtesy Coaches as everybody said what a good trip it was and may the name 'Yelloway Motor Services' continue into the future.


With Andy Sharpe making the trip up from Willington an early start was made on Friday afternoon - the target this weekend was for me to get as much of the off side front woodwork done, whilst Andy continued a pace with his wire tracing, testing and complete replacement wherever required.


You drill it bro, I'll hold it!

Andy, trace testing wires

meanwhile Rick looks and learns


With the sun beating down and the radio playing, Andy demanding a cup of tea at frequent intervals, and banter by the bucket load we had between us:-

  • Rebuilt all the framework around the header tank

  • Completed the roof vents

  • Cut new floor sections for the emergency door area

  • Corrected Steve's "Cock-up" at the off side front wheel arch

  • Re-wired the salon heaters and emergency window buzzer

  • Re-sited the wiring loom at the off side front


Richard as ever continues to work on the cleaning of the chassis - removing the skin off his knuckles as usual..

April 21          With Steve busy at work he could only manage a few hours on the bus today but he still had time to re-hang the emergency door, make the off side front vertical pillar and replace the window pan woodwork.

I meanwhile sanded the boot doors and finished off the front fibreglass panel ready for refitting.



Smooth finisher

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