The restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L

Project Dairy September 2008

September          Despite no update for quite a while, be rest assured that the project continues apace!

In late September Mr Sharpe made a very welcome visit to Lancashire to continue with the difficult rewire of CDK.


Rewire continues on

We have decided to alter the layout of the wiring loom to enable much easier access, should problems occur in the future. So instead of it all being stuffed to one side of the header tank, it will now be routed to a water tight box below the header tank, thus eliminating any need to remove inner & outer panels should anything go wrong.

Other jobs which can now be ticked off the list as it were are:-

1x Brand-new radiator sourced, ordered & delivered.

2x New shock absorbers and mounting brackets (now fitted).

All new hoses fitted to water system. A new air filter system has been sourced.

Springs and shackle pins and kingpins sourced, money being the only thing holding us up here on this one!

Rick has meanwhile spent vast amounts of time making sure that the rear panel is a perfect fit, with primer now applied and final filling almost done, we just need to complete the weather proof of the boot sill area, by fitting galvanised steel around the boot rail and then the back can be fitted.

fibre glass patching of rear panel


repaired spare wheel carrier

The chassis of CDK is now looking much better as well. After spending hours cleaning, degreasing and scrubbing, a liberal coat of grey resin sealing paint has been applied to areas now in accessible because of panel refitting. A few satisfying hours have been spent repairing the now fully usable spare wheel carrier as as well.

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