The restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L

Project Dairy May 2011

May          With the very welcome return of the "SPARKS" aka Mr Sharpe, CDK's progress to running order has somehow gone from a slow plod almost into a sprint as the box of bits has given up more items to be refitted.
While Andy busied himself with the continuation of our rewire, Richard and I cracked on with the preparation of the roof and nearside panels for painting - a job, as ever, which will be done to the best standards possible before undercoat is applied - hopefully at the end of June!


Andrew continues with rewire

Richard is also finally happy with his boot doors after many hours of careful preparation and as the image shows ....... Bloody perfect Mate!

Sanding down ready for repaint

Perfect alignment at last

Steve meanwhile sourced & purchased a head gasket set (see acknowledgements) ready for "Peter the Eater" to make a welcome return. He also restored the starter switch panel, indicator unit, fitted the 1st offside locker panel with gas struts & lock plates and also carried out a test fit of the cab side panels.

Locker panel now with gas struts

Lower cab side panels - test refit


Out with the old and in with the new - starter switch panel


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