The restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L

Project Dairy May 2004

 Friday May 14th          1st time I (Steve) had seen CDK 172L in 18 years - first impressions are .....

"Oh my God!

Tues 18th May        Having made sure 172L was able to be moved to have a close look at her I (Steve) took a very experienced PSV mechanic and a good friend Pete Johnson over to Carrington to see if she was worth buying - Do you know- the bloody thing started up 1st time and just sat there in glorious sunshine, ticking over like it was new.

Pete gave her a good check-over mechanically - and apart from a very slight air leak on the N/s, 172 was declared sound!

Body wise, I was amazed at how original and more remarkably, undamaged the whole coach was.

A price was agreed - and so the fund raising began.

     CDK 172 moved for inspection

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