The restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L

Project Dairy March 2005

 March 1st.          Currently sanding down the remainder of the roof panels. Looking for a source and supplier of ash timber so that we can start to prefabricate the wooden framework sections that need replacing.

March 8th          Just found out that CDK172L did not have Chapman recliners seats - one of the few YMS vehicles of this period which did not carry them. This is very annoying considering the time and effort put into acquiring / transporting / dismantling them!   Hope to exchange the set we have for a set of standard rigid Plaxton seats with another restorer soon. l will let you know you when..

March 14th         Found a supplier of timber at Houghton Timbers Ltd, suppliers of hardwoods, Higher Walton near Preston. Take 1st delivery on Monday 21st March.

Dad, has been up to Rossendale Transport to photograph an original transfer of the rising sun logo.

March 18th         Now completed sanding down all of the roof.

March 19th

Steve and John Whitworth

Had a fantastic visitor today - Mr John Whitworth a former Yelloway driver. He used to run with our old family friend and ex-Premier Travel driver Fred "Smudge" Smith on route 77/78 Blackpool/Blackburn to Cambridge /Clacton-on-Sea. It was great to see him and chat about old times.

March 20th         I've begun to fibreglass the damaged sections on the front panel today.

March 24th to 28th         We have turned the corner!

The first piece of new timber work  to be fitted is the nearside waist rail - even it if it's only temporary!. It will have to be removed again so that  we can treat the metalwork behind it and also remove 30 years of grime and dust too!

the new nearside waist rail

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