The restoration of AEC Reliance CDK172L

Project Dairy April 2005

April 1st          Richards first working visit for the year now that the weather has warmed up! Regular expeditions will be made from now on depending on being able to get leave from work! We have turned the corner and the first permanent fixing of new wood starts TODAY.  No joke! even if it is April the 1st. Here are the pictures to prove it!

1st wood panel going in place

2nd  wood panel going in place

Front panel face being prepared ready for filling

April 9th.          With re-sealing of the roof beadings completed last weekend - today I've finished cleaning off excess sealant from edges of the beadings and air intake pods.

Finished preparation of the roof.

Temporary refitting of side panels

Though I've not had much time to spare for working on 172 for the rest of April, I have managed to sort out all the exterior panels which need replacing and source some exterior trims. I've also refitted (temporally) three nearside upper panels, its easier on your back sanding vertically! and important to check that I've cut the new waist rails in the correct place.

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