February 2006

MOVING DAY          

So here we go again! Having done the usual checking of oil, water and fuel, it was time to start another crazy adventure! Ahead of us was 65 miles of what we hope would be trouble free motoring. Well most of it was, apart from the accelerator sticking open all the time, and a small problem with the lack of cooling to the engine (replacement radiator required!) - things went pretty smoothly.

Initially we arranged for WEB 410T to go to Blackburn Transport's (now Transdev Lancashire Untied) Intack Depot to allow us to give her a visual check from underneath. Thanks to Blackburn Chief Engineer Glenn Dearden for his assistance.

Arriving at Intack Depot

Onto the pit at Intack for an inspection

Now we have our Premier

Finally WEB arrived on site to join our Yelloway. We must also say thanks to Pete Johnson for once again "Riding Shotgun" in case anything went wrong.

The decision to acquire WEB at this stage was taken purely as a precaution as former vehicles from the Premier Travel fleet and in particular the era which we most remember are very thin on the ground. It will be kept in reserve for the time being until CDK is complete whereupon it will take CDK's place in the shed.


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