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July 2016

Deja Vu!

Not a great deal of progress so far this year on WEB due to keeping CDK in tip top condition for rallies and events but what has been achieved has been a case of deja Vu!
Most of the exterior stainless trim has been removed and assessed, this now awaits fabrication of some brackets to be affixed to the shed wall so that they can be stored away safely to prevent any accidental damage.
The front indicator and side lamp units have been removed, cleaned, fitted with new lenses where required, bagged and put safely away in the cupboard ready for refitting when the day comes. I've also sourced and purchased 3 brand new headlamps to replace the rotten ones, just one more to find but failing that one of the old ones may (just) be salvageable. Apparently these are quite sought-after and difficult to find.
WEB is still outside in the elements but a few dry days (yes we have had a couple) have allowed the opportunity to sand off the old paint from the front fibreglass moulding revealing quite a bit of repair work required once it can be removed.
Just like CDK it has had it's fair share of minor accident damage.

With 2 of the offside access panels becoming 'detached' the opportunity has been taken to begin the clean up and painting of the chassis in the areas around the engine bay and the spare wheel carrier. Several sessions were spent with wire brushes, scrapers and grinder removing years of road dirt and surface rust. The chassis and out riggers in these areas is in remarkable condition, once the old paint and surface rust was removed the steelwork was found to be completely free of rot and just some minor pitting in a few areas revealed. The rather poor picture shows the results of working in sweltering heat and then pouring rain preparing for a coat of red oxide which has now been applied to all exposed metalwork.


The oil bath air filter unit has been unbolted and a session spent cleaning it back to bare metal before it too received a protective coat of primer, top coat to be applied on my next visit. Before this item is stored away it will need the filter inside cleaning to flush out the old oil and debris to ensure a good flow of air through it. The dish which clips onto the bottom and holds the oil was rotted through but luckily we have a decent spare which was recovered from Yelloway NNC 854 P several years ago when we went to Taunton to strip her of useful bits and bobs.

Steve removed the offside rear outer wheel so that we have a spare for CDK when out and about, in doing so damaged his foot which prevented us attending the Llandudno rally this year.... Muppet! The tyre on the inner wheel is in very poor condition but we have been given the opportunity to purchase 4 decent rims and tyres which should be a great help. One of the front wheels is fitted with a split rim so would need replacing anyway to ensure we have the same type fitted all round. Premier, like Yelloway, actually preferred to fit split rims with tube tyres but the chances of finding a sufficient number of decent ones these days is slim so we will stick with the later tubeless style.

So for me it has been a case of deja Vu, once again removing skin from my knuckles whilst in confined spaces and eating rust dust in the process! For now it will be a case of removing and refurbishing any accessible components until we can get WEB undercover and start the full scale restoration process. It's going to be a big job as the body framework is totally buggered but we've done it before so just need to get cracking.

The first mechanical component has already gone away for servicing, this being the fuel pump. The search is now on to acquire all the items which need replacing and also to build up enough parts in anticipation of the undoubted mechanical challenges ahead.

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