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July 2017

Blimey – is it really a year since the last update?! Keeping CDK maintained and well-presented so that we can attend events has taken up quite a lot of our available time, consequently restoration work on WEB has been limited. The coach is still stored outside so nothing to compromise its structural integrity or ability to keep the interior dry can be done until permanent, undercover accommodation is available. There is potential light on the horizon though as a recent conversation with one of the other vehicle owners on the yard has revealed space in the shed may become available soon once another bus is moved out. Fingers crossed on that one as we are itching to get WEB undercover so that deconstruction and assessment on how little bodywork there is left can begin!
Talking of departures, early summer 2017 saw the long-time resident ex Hyndburn Transport Leyland Leopard move away for much needed attention. This leaves a space next to WEB affording easy access to the nearside and an un-obstructed view for the first time in 11 years. One thing we hadn’t noticed before is she has tinted glazing on the main windows – these were standard clear units right up until Knotty Bus stopped using her so rather curiously they appear only to have been fitted in the last year of her service life circa 2002. Why go to all the bother of changing them on a life expired coach? Either we will need to acquire suitable clear replacements or live with those currently fitted – let’s see what comes our way! Talking of windows, some chat on a Facebook group prompted a search for some front and rear screens. Both front screens are unusable (1 cracked and 1 de-laminated) and the rear offside rear screen is shattered (as purchased). With a few phone calls and nudging of contacts in the industry a pair of brand new front screens have now been purchased so just a rear one to locate.



All the stainless trim has now been stashed away on carefully fabricated brackets attached to the building wall. This should prevent it getting damaged, something we should have done with that from CDK 13 years ago. We lost count of the number of times we moved that lot around. We also now have a full set of new end caps for the trim, a mixture of stainless steel ones and black plastic – probably enough of each to at least make each side of the coach look uniform. Those on WEB are (were) plastic but have rotted away over the years and in some places, have completely vanished.

The final H4 headlamp unit that we required has now been sourced – it turns out that we had 2 stashed away inside WEB which came from a late Duple coach. We only found them once we started removing some of the seats to get better access to the engine bay area. Although used they are in excellent condition so we now have a full set plus a spare. Just need to find a second fog lamp now.

Last summer we purchased 4 replacement wheel rims with tyres to replace the decayed ones on WEB. We didn’t get around to fitting the off side rear ones until May this year – the outer one had become our spare on CDK and the inner was rotten with a perished tyre. Steve rather gingerly got the bottle jacks underneath and carefully raised the coach fearful of the tyre exploding. It didn’t (thankfully) and after putting up some resistance both were removed from the hub and will be put in the scrap bin. With the wheels out of the way a quick visual inspection of the area revealed the top leaf on the offside spring is broken – we have a spare when the time comes. Just like CDK both rear springs will need removing and refurbishing, neither of those on WEB have usable strapping. Let’s hope they are not too worn to be usable.


Two items that we have been able to remove and repair have been the front grill and bumper, both items being fibreglass and relatively straight forward to mend. Both had significant damage acquired over the years; the bumper has required the areas around the bolt holes where it attaches to the front of the coach to be chopped out and re-built with new strengthening plates before adding new fibreglass matting and resin. They are now both back to full strength (and shape) and await some final fettling before painting and storing away.




In late June we were awaiting the re-fitting of our reconditioned fuel pump on CDK (the pump fitted was actually the one off WEB) – once fitted, we could put WEB’s one back on in anticipation of getting her mobile again. We spent a couple of hours giving the top of the engine some attention, principally removing a huge amount of accumulated sludge, oil and road dirt. Not a particularly pleasant job and all the more difficult lying flat out on the saloon floor with the seat locating studs sticking into various parts of your body!


On the 22 July, full of confidence after successfully fitting CDKs ‘new’ pump the previous day, Steve ‘went on one’ and decided he was going to attempt to revive WEB from her 10 year slumbers. Once the pump was on it was time to prime the fuel system, this being done via the priming pump – a long and arm aching job due to its position under the floor. On a previous work session, Steve had removed the old fuel filters and replaced them with new ones plus taken the fuel sedimenter apart – both were absolutely full of gunk and deposits which you really don’t want in your engine! The water system had been reconnected and filled with no leaks present and the power assist pump for the steering (which needs repair) temporarily refitted. After a rookies mistake was corrected (Steve couldn’t work out and was getting frustrated about why he couldn’t get the ignition to fire until I asked if he had turned the master switch on!) the start button was pressed and WEB juddered and shook but refused to fire up. More pumping of the primer was required (yes we know we should have filled the filters before fitting) and a wallop of extra power from the battery boost box and WEB coughed into life for the first time in 10 years. The old girl didn’t sound too healthy but some of that is probably down to the fact that the back end of the exhaust has rotted away over the years and the oil level was low - At least the engine runs! Further attention is going to be required to see if we can get her to build up and retain some air so that we can attempt to move her.

So, we’ll keep doing a little bit here and there in between looking after CDK. Hopefully we can get her moved indoors soon. In the meantime, we’ll keep looking for bits and bobs to aid her restoration – next on the list are two original Raydot mirror heads and a fog lamp! We’ve also located a supplier of new formica panelling, all that in WEBs interior is either damaged of faded – a simple yet fiddly task to restore but essential if we are going to get the interior up to our required standard. Some samples of wood effect panels will be requested in due course – there’s no rush!


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